Brilliant video featuring our delicious Kalamata olives. Thank you Tom Hunt for the amazing recipe and presentation. This dish is available on the menu at Poco Bristol this month!

All you need for this mouthwatering Spartan tapenade is 75g Kalamata olives and a dash of extra virgin olive oil! Watch the video at GrowEatGather; an independent online publication devoted to celebrating the wealth of locally grown ingredients and honouring the good people who work hard to grow, supply and cook real food across the United Kingdom.

Finally the asparagus season has begun!

Asparagus is considered by many to be the queen of vegetables and one of nature’s superfoods! It is a member of the lily family and a distant cousin of the leek and onion. Asparagus is a highly prized vegetable which, unfortunately, has a relatively short season of just 10 weeks.

It gets its name from the ancient Greek ‘aspharagos’ which originates from the Persian word ‘asparag’ meaning sprout, stalk or shoot. Asparagus was popular in ancient Greece for its medicinal and gastronomic qualities, as well as for its aphrodisiac powers! Hippocrates used it for medicinal purposes such as the treatment of  diarrhoea and urinary problems.

Asparagus is full of vitamins A, B and C, great source of iron, and full of fibre and folic acid. It’s great for the heart, boosts your immune system and is believed to help detoxify the body.

Steamed or lightly boiled asparagus served with one of our early harvest olive oils, makes a mouthwatering, health boosting salad or side dish! Lets enjoy the asparagus season while it lasts…