A creative recipe by Jackie. Enjoy!

Figs and olives are well on their way in, cherries are on their way out.
Here is something to mark the transitional period between the seasons- a bit savoury, a bit sweet…about as classifiable as the weather.

Olive, cherry, fig samosas with rosemary syrup

• I find it easiest to fold these pastries into triangular shapes, hence the term “samosa”, but there is no reason you cannot make them in different shape. Filo pastry is wonderfully forgiving.
• The recipe is meant to be a guideline, as are most of the recipes created for oliveology. Create! Be inspired by the best produce you can find.

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Marianna from Oliveology explains the long journey an olive takes from the tree to your plate.

“We specialise in one type of olive which is the Kalamata. This is the best known Greek olive and has become very popular because it is a very flavourful olive with a really nice texture. But to get them to this point takes a lot of work.  An olive has to go through a long process between being picked and arriving at your table, especially if you do it in the traditional way.”

Not everybody realises this, but olives are inedible straight from the tree, and you have to cure them first before doing anything else. They are very bitter and need to be cured to remove this bitterness, and there are a number of different methods you can use. We use fresh water curing; the healthiest and slowest method.

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