It is now the time of the year for the First Harvest olives to be picked. First Harvest olives are made from unripe Kalamata olives while they are small and still green and full of nutrients! The unripe olives are much more difficult to pick by hand than when ripe, so the process is quite laborious. After picking, the olives go through a stringent selection process by hand and eye. This is to remove damaged olives, which could spoil both the quality and the flavour of our delicious olives.

These olives will be kept in special barrels for the fresh water curing process to begin. The result is always very rewarding but we have to wait from 6 to 9 months. Our natural curing process is a closely guarded family secret that requires dedicated and constant observation. Then they are marinated in organic extra virgin olive oil and homemade vinegar, to give a unique, intense, slightly bitter flavour and crunchy texture!

We love these baby Kalamata olives and they are also extremely healthy for you!

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