Are you familiar with the song: ‚ÄúSugar is sweet/ But not as sweet as my baby/ Honey’s a treat but it/¬†Can’t compete with my baby‚ÄĚ? It seems like they have never tried grape¬†molasses! In Greece¬†when we want to say that something/ someone is really sweet, we say they are sweet like petimezi.¬†One great thing about our health awareness and sugar rush/ tax era is rediscovering excellent¬†ingredients like this one. Grape molasses or petimezi, is an ancient food, popular for its nutritious¬†qualities and delightful flavour. Before establishing the use of sugar, petimezi was very commonly¬†used across the Mediterranean and especially Greece, not only as a sweetener but as a remedy as¬†well.

Petimezi’s flavour is sweet with a hint of spice and its aroma is pungent, potent and so incredibly tempting. This excellent product comes from boiling grape-must in low heat for a long time. It is rather expensive since the production process is long and the yield is small. Its texture is quite similar to aged balsamic vinegar; if you are an Ottolenghi fan, then you are definitely familiar with pomegranate molasses and can use petimezi, accordingly.

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