Greek Cheese Hamper



This is our finest and most diverse selection of Greek cheeses from across the country. The selection will vary with availability, but expect a combination of rich and creamy Aged Feta, firm and nutty Naxos Graviera, with soft and spreadable Cretan Galomyzithra. We’ll make sure to send you 750g, enough to generously serve 12-15 guests.

Suggested cheeses (selection depends on availability): Naxos graviera cheese, Cretan graviera cheese, Cretan young graviera cheese, galomyzithra, 6-month barred-aged feta cheese, organic feta cheese, organic goat cheese, manouri cheese, kefalotyri cheese.

Includes: A selection of cheeses (750g), Hamper Box. 

Product Description

Notes: Please note this product must be refrigerated as soon as you receive it.