Greek Pies Cooking Workshop – March 2020



Saturday 21st March 2020

Greek Pies Cooking workshop by Oliveology & Amaryllis from The Tasty Other

In collaboration with Amaryllis Tsegou of The Tasty Other, this workshop celebrates one of the most beloved and prominent dish of Greek cuisine, pies!

Sample menu
tyropita: cheese pie with phyllo dough (made from scratch) and fresh herbs (Greek favourite)
plastos: fresh greens pie made with cornmeal (Thessaly)
portokalopita: easy to make, perfect for first-time store-bought phyllo pastry users

Though often identified as a quick snack or a delicious side dish, pies hold a special place for Greeks, both nowadays and throughout history. Different regions had their own variations based on local products and all were baked in out-doors wood ovens. Making use of what families were most likely to produce on their own, pies made for the perfect meal: they traveled well (for those working outdoors) and the dough and saltiness of the cheese acted as means of preservation, so they could be made in advance and stored for a few days. In a word, apart from delicious, pies were also a prime example of household economy: cheap and easy to make, local and seasonal- way before these two terms made a comeback in contemporary diets.

In contemporary urban Greece, pies still solidly hold their ground as a staple of the country’s cuisine. For luck of time and the introduction of other quick, everyday dishes, they are not be made at home as frequently as before, but they are sold on every bakery, probably making for the most popular mid-day snack.
Either way, they were and still are a dish well-worth making and tasting: they are not only filled with flavour and seasonal goodness, but also offer an insight into Greek’s geography and history.

What to expect

After enjoying a selection of freshly brewed Greek herbal teas, Amaryllis will give you a brief introduction to the fascinating world of Greek pies. We’ll discuss different regions, their products and how these make their way into delicious pies, and then briefly go through different types of filling and dough.

After that, we’ll start making our pies, one at a time- throughout the course, Amaryllis will be showing a variety of techniques, as well as sharing tips and a little bit of history behind each pie.

Towards the end of the workshop, we should all feel pleasantly tired, familiar with tricks and secrets of traditional Greek cooking and ready to devour a number of delicious pies- and then make and share them with others time and time again.

The workshop includes learning basic cooking skills, tasting ingredients and participating in every step, from prepping ingredients to cooking and plating. You will leave with a selection of the recipes and a 10% discount voucher for Oliveology’s products. And at the end of the workshop we all sit around the table and share the food we’ve made!

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Product Description

Greek Pies Cooking Workshop by Oliveology & Amaryllis Tsegou

Amaryllis is from Athens, Greece, and has been based in London since 2006. After completing a PhD in Dance Anthropology, she started her personal blog The Tasty Other, in order to explore her love of food, fascination with tradition and gatherings, and passion about storytelling through photography. Soon after, she started collaborating with other creatives and brands as a photographer, stylist and recipe developer. Using her background in education, she is also organising food and photography workshops for children & adults both in London and abroad. She has been hosting supper clubs in Greece and London, preparing food that is inspired by childhood dishes, foods tasted and learned during her travels in Greece and abroad, all infused with and influenced by London’s multiculturalism and diversity.

Menu: Seasonal, vegetarian, using Oliveology products and mostly organic produce.

Price: £90 per person (including food, drinks, recipes)
Family&Friends offer: Book 2 or more tickets and get 10% off!
Duration: 3 hours

Location: In our Railway Arch at Spa Terminus
Date:  Saturday 21st of March 2020
Time Slot: 10am-1 pm

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