Organic zea Penne (emmer wheat)

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Our organic triticum dicoccum penne comes from a small producer in Grevena, in the northern part of Greece. It is made with organic emmer wheat (or zea as we call it in Greece). This ancient grain is high in fibre and has a low GI. Similar to fresh pasta, our penne cooks in a few minutes. A delicate pasta with a nutty, warm flavour. Enjoy warm with some melted cheese, or cold in a spring pasta salad. Have a look at our blog for some recipe ideas.


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Product Description

Ingredients: organic emmer wheat (triticum dicoccum), water, salt
Best before: April 2019
Region: Grevena, Nothern Greece

Emmer wheat is a rich and nutty ancient wholegrain flour milled to order for optimum flavour, nutrition, performance and digestion. High in protein with only a very small amount of gluten.

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