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Inspired by our wine tastings, and Maria Moutsou’s presentation at WSET School, this selection of Greek artisanal foods is especially curated by our wine expert Maria. It includes everything you need so as to (re)create a delicious food and wine tasting experience at home. Just add these suggested wines in your basket and you are ready for a very memorable evening!

Our tasting selection includes: Greek cheese selection including glomyzithra cheese, organic feta cheese, kefalotyri cheese (approx. 600g in total), 1 tub of Amfissa green olives, 1 tub of Kalamata olives with lemon and herbs, artichoke hearts with leeks, cooler pack.

Join us for an in-person wine tasting with Maria, featuring the above star grapes on Saturday 26th June 2021 at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey! Book now!


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*Please place all the cheeses in the fridge immediately upon delivery.