Delivery Information

We currently deliver to the UK and Europe. We will tell you exactly how much you will be charged before you finalise your purchase (once we know the size of the order and your postcode, the website can work it out for you).

We will do our best to dispatch your order within 2 days of it being placed. Oliveology will not charge you for handling costs and we will always try to find the cheaper and safest way to send our products to you. On a rare occasion we might choose a different delivery option more suited to your order that might have been miscalculated by our ordering system. We use Royal Mail and UK Mail for UK and EU deliveries. The delivery charges vary depending on the weight of your order. For some indicative costs see the services we offer below.

Royal Mail UK Mainland & Northern Ireland
– Second Class (3 days delivery aim)
up to 1.65kg £2.95

– First Class UK (aim 1 day)
up to 0.65kg £3.45
up to 1.65kg £5.50

UK Mail Next day Delivery (aim 1 day)
This is the cheapest option if you are ordering many items.
up to 4.65kg £6
up to 9.65kg £7.50
up to 19.6kg £8.50

UK Courier by Road
up to 30kg £7.48

Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed (Europe)
up to 0.65kg £12.50
up to 0.9kg £13.6
up to 1.15kg 14.65
up to 1.4kg £15.65
up to 1.65kg £16.6

Europe (Other options)
– UK Mail (Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
up to 9.65kg £10
– UK Mail (France, Spain, Italy)
up to 9.65kg £13

Courier by Road
– Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Guernsey, Netherlands, Poland

up to 30kg £11.39
– Ireland, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Jersey, Slovakia
up to 30kg £14.95
– Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
up to 30kg £17.25
– Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Gibraltar
up to 30kg £23

Courier by Air
up to 0.5kg £17.75
up to 1kg £19.28
up to 1.5kg £23.26
up to 2kg £25
up to 2.5kg £26.7
up to 3kg £28.44
up to 3.5kg £30.01
up to 4kg £31.61
up to 4.5kg £33.21
up to 5kg £34.8

Courier by Air
– Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
up to 0.5kg £24.44
up to 1kg £27.08
up to 1.5kg £29.78
up to 2kg £32.5
up to 2.5kg £35.15
up to 3kg £39.2
up to 3.5kg £41.09
up to 4kg £42.98
up to 4.5kg £44.84
up to 5kg £46.74

UK Mail
– USA, Canada

up to 1.65kg £17
up to 2.65kg £21

If your country is not listed please contact us by email at for a custom shipping quote.