Hello, Goodbye – Olive, cherry & fig samosas

A creative recipe by Jackie. Enjoy!

Figs and olives are well on their way in, cherries are on their way out.
Here is something to mark the transitional period between the seasons- a bit savoury, a bit sweet…about as classifiable as the weather.

Olive, cherry, fig samosas with rosemary syrup

• I find it easiest to fold these pastries into triangular shapes, hence the term “samosa”, but there is no reason you cannot make them in different shape. Filo pastry is wonderfully forgiving.
• The recipe is meant to be a guideline, as are most of the recipes created for oliveology. Create! Be inspired by the best produce you can find.


Kalamata olives (I used plain ones, but again, this is your choice), sliced
Cherries ( a firm variety, such as Kordia, works best), stoned and halved
Figs ( I prefer dark Bursa figs), wedged
Pistachios, or walnuts, chopped
Pack of filo pastry
Liquid from Kalamata olives
Honey ( I used Fir)

Rosemary syrup:

Mix honey and Kalamata olive liquid, using a ratio of 1:2, with a pinch of rosemary.

Macerate olive slices and cherries in rosemary syrup (reserve some syrup for brushimg filo pastry)

Slice filo pastry into 4” -wide strips, if making samosas

Brush each layer with syrup.
4-5 layers of filo pastry should suffice.

Add wedged figs and chopped pistachios to mixture.
Place a tablespoonful of filling on layered

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