Afianes Icarus Rosé



This special wine is made in a single vineyard at 800m above sea level in the western part of Ikaria island. It’s a rosé made with red grapes, but it has the character of an orange wine with substantial weight and a lovely grip of tannins. Exotic perfumes of dried rose petals, rosewood, dried peach, golden berries, brandied small fruits and frankincense on the nose. Very rich on the palate, with flavours of red grapefruit, Guadeloupe melon and spice essence with hints of good quality brandy. It pairs perfectly with fish like tuna, trout and swordfish, with beans cooked in tomato sauce, black olives and cheese.

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Product Description

Region: PGI Ikaria
Year: 2019
ABV: 14%
Colour: Rosé
Grape Variety: 100% Fokiano