Olive Wood Oval Dish



Made from carefully sourced olive wood from sustainable olive tree varieties. The craftsmen use a combination of three different methods for drying the wood to ensure quality and durability in the products. All items are hand-crafted and completely unique. They are treated with a 50:50 mixture of olive oil and sunflower oil for a beautiful finish – a fantastic gift the kitchen or dining room table.

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Product Description

Includes: an oval dish

Size: 12-13cm (The shape may vary considerably and the edge may be slightly rustic or smooth)

What is shown in the pictures is the style of the product you will receive and not an exact representation, as every item is hand-crafted and unique.

Care instructions:

Like all wood, olive wood items should not be washed in the dishwasher as long exposure to water and heat washes away the natural oils and causes quick drying which may result in cracking. Washing with hot/warm water and washing up liquid by hand is alright.

Dry naturally and store away from heat sources or permanent sunlit places such as window sills.

Treat with oil every now and then. We use olive oil, but any edible, food-safe or specialist oil will do. Apply a bit of olive oil with a cotton cloth and rub in. The wood will soak up the oil. How often treatment is required, depends on frequency of use and/or washing. Generally, when your olive wood piece looks dull and uninteresting, it is a sign that it needs some oiling.

Chopping boards can also be sanded every 2 years or so and then oil. This will make them last for decades.

Certain foods such as beetroot contain pigments that may permanently change the colour of olive wood. Chopping garlic can also give a piece of wood a permanently garlicky scent. If a board is used for raw meat it is advisable to not use it for chopping food that is consumed raw, such as vegetables.