Sage Organic Floral Water



Produced by organic steam distillation of Salvia Fruticosa (Greek Sage).

Properties: Circulatory stimulant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, energising, regenerative.

Use suggestions: Skin toner (esp. for oily skin), after sun spray, skin cleanser body mist, hair and scalp treatment, foot soak, linen spray, air freshener (home, car, sauna etc).

This product does not claim to treat or cure medical conditions.

Product Description

Floral water, or Hydrosol, is the condensate that remains after the steam distillation of a herb for essential oil production. During steam distillation, vapo ur passes through the botanical material ’breaking’ the cells that contain essential oils, and other volatile components. The vapour is then cooled and condensed into floral water, which now contains a small quantity of essential oil as well as various water-soluble elements of the botanical material.

It retains a mild aroma but potent medicinal and therapeutic properties and is ideal for situations that require gentle, natural care.

Floral Waters are an excellent natural base to create personal and home care products or can be used on their own as body sprays, facial toners, hair care products, linen sprays, or air fresheners.

All Aetheleon΄s Floral Waters are 100% pure, natural, certified organic , and paraben and alcohol free.

Please note that although floral waters are mild enough to apply directly to your skin, a skin irritation test is always advisable.

While this product has therapeutic benefits, we do not recommend it as a treatment or cure for medical conditions.