Bulgur wheat

This cereal food can be found in Middle Eastern, North African and Eastern European cuisines. Made from the groats of several different wheat species (mostly durum wheat); it is a kind of dried cracked wheat that has already been parboiled or pre-cooked so, it will cook quickly and fluff up when steamed or steeped in boiling water.

This pale-brown, pointy-shaped bulgur wheat can replace in a number of recipes rice or pasta and has been used in cooking for thousands of years. It has been considered as a staple to most rural areas, mostly due to its low price, nutritional value and versatile flavour. In Greece can be mostly found in the cuisines of Crete and Thessaly, added in salads or cooked with a fresh tomato sauce with herbs and spices.

Tips for the perfect dish:

Bulgur wheat is available in medium and coarse grades. Before cooking, it can be soaked in water for about half an hour (medium) or more (coarse) in 2 glasses of water for every cup of cracked wheat and later boiled according to the instructions. As a general rule the coarse grade is used for casseroles, rice dishes, soups and stuffing whereas the medium in garnishes, salads and the Lebanese kibbeh.

It is advised to follow the boiling instructions carefully as if over boiled, the flavour is altered. It tends to absorb lots of water, that’s why it’s advised to add a little bit more water, so it doesn’t dry out.

High dietary value:

Bulgur wheat is rich in protein and minerals, and has a nutty taste. As a whole grain, it is a naturally high-fibre, low-fat, low-calorie vegetarian and vegan food ingredient. This cereal food is packed with dietary fibre, low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It’s an excellent source of carbohydrates for diabetics due to its low glycemic index. Other nutritional highlights include a number of minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc as well as trace minerals such as selenium (which is antioxidant rich).

What makes our bulgur/ cracked wheat special?

Our bulgur comes from a small family mill on Pindos mountain, with its unique microclimate. Harvested in small batches, it is the product of premium quality durum wheat from the fertile soil of the west Macedonia region. It is cleaned, peeled and ground in traditional  millstones. It is really no wonder that our bulgur’s premium quality goes beyond anything mass produced you have ever tried.

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