When we wrote this end-of-year blog post last December, we definitely did not imagine that we would still be in another wave of the pandemic a year later. But life is unpredictable that way.

2021 was, in many respects, a year of change.

Some of us travelled again for the first time after many months. We felt the magic of being abroad, a magic we’d all but forgotten. Many of us spent time with our family and friends again and, despite the uncertainty of these last few weeks, we realised just how valuable it is to be close to our loved ones. Having spent so much time in isolation, we realised what matters and what doesn’t, and many of us took steps to reassess our priorities and make changes; or simply, to relax and enjoy the absurdity of human existence.

All of us at Oliveology feel grateful that, over the past year, our amazing team has stayed together and grown stronger. We’d like to thank them: Jerry and Christina at Borough Market greeted all of you in good and challenging times. At the warehouse, Yarek and Hubert packed all online orders with care and took care of those who prefer to shop at Spa Terminus. Lauren and Ben prepared our delicious dips, while Klaudia has been taking care of our shop and warehouse whilst also taking wonderful pictures of life at Oliveology, brightening up our timelines. Harry, our little helper in the kitchen, turned two and has already become an expert in testing recipes and cooking with Ben. In the office, Benji has been assisting all of you, caring for queries, concerns and compliments, while Nafsika has been cooking up delicious recipes for our blog and curating our culinary events.

We are grateful for the care and passion our team puts into their work. And finally we are grateful for Marianna’s guidance and support in our daily lives.

We also want to say a huge thank you to all of our wonderful customers. We are so grateful for all the love you’ve shown us over this incredibly turbulent year. Once again, we’ve been humbled by your support, by your kind words, food orders, sustainable gift giving. Thank you for sticking by our side. We hope that your hampers and food boxes made your pandemic days a little more colourful.

We’d also like to thank our amazing producers for their consistently fabulous produce and for their dedication even as things have gotten difficult. We always seek to honour and nurture our relationships with them – to work together to create a better (food) world.

As this year comes to an end, we realise how much we, and the world around us, has changed. As we enter 2022 we hope for a year in which we celebrate successes and accomplishments, big or small. Mostly, we hope for a year full of tables resplendent with good food, overflowing with wine, and surrounded by people we love!

Happy 2022!

On the 16th of July we celebrated our 12th Birthday!

Oliveology was founded in 2009 as a means of sharing   the culinary treasures and gastronomic traditions of Greece. From our modest beginnings as a little stall in Borough Market, we’ve grown to have a lovely shop at Three Crown Square and a railway arch at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey hosting a second shop, our own professional kitchen, and an events space.

We would like to thank all of you for becoming part of our Oliveology family over the years: our inspiring artisanal producers, beloved customers, loyal staff, past and present.

This last year was particularly challenging for us all, but we managed to keep strong because of all the love and support we received from you, our customers. As the world was closing in, communication with you in our shops, on our social media outlets and during our virtual workshops helped us feel so close to you all and gave us the support we needed to overcome the challenges we were facing.

We look forward to this summer, the time of the year when Marianna, our founder, and her family travel back to Greece, in search of new, exciting ingredients and foods to bring back for us. It is not only about discovering new tastes and flavours, but also about building strong, long-lasting relationships with those who produce the food we put on our table.

This year we also couldn’t be more thrilled to have new members joining our Oliveology team (including little Harry!), both at Borough Market and at our offices and warehouse space in Bermondsey. Pop by and say hi to them!

As we blow the candles on our 12th birthday cake (made with olive oil, of course!), we only feel optimistic about the future. We are excited to have launched our delicious Greek dips range and many culinary experiences, including our Oliveology holidays. Check out our autumn 2021 events, including exclusive wine tastings where you can learn all there is to know about Greek wine. We are also very happy to be planning more surprises for you: think of wholesome, cooked meals from our professional kitchen coming your way and the subscription boxes that many of you have asked for. These are just a few of the things we have planned for the future.

We look forward to many more years ahead, sharing our passion for quality, flavourful, nutritious foods that reflect our values and dreams for a more sustainable and fair world.

Thank you for being part of our journey so far, and for your immense love and support!

When we wrote our first blog post of 2020, we never expected the turbulent year we had ahead of us. Within a few months, Covid-19 Pandemic had disrupted our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Many of us lost loved ones, spent months in social isolation, all as the world around us seemed more unstable than ever.

During these challenging times we felt very humbled to be able to support each other. Throughout the year, our team has been working tirelessly, sending food boxes of Oliveology essentials around the world, and we are very grateful to them all for their incredibly hard work. We also received a lot of love from all of you, and felt honoured to be part of your lives during these times of crisis. Your support filled us with courage for the years ahead.

Despite the challenges of 2020, it was also a year of generosity. We were overwhelmed with orders for gifts for your loved ones with messages of kindness and care. As 2020 was ending, Marianna and Ben’s son Harry turned one. A reminder to all of us that no matter how gloomy life may seem, joy can be found just by our side.

2020 was also the year in which we redefined our relationship with our kitchens. We learned to appreciate many things we took for granted; to treasure time spent in peace, alone or with loved ones. Many of us started cooking more, while others embraced the freedom of breaking all rules -breakfast for dinner anyone? Regardless of how much or how little time you’ve spent in your kitchen, we hope you had as much fun as we did, cooking wonderful wholesome recipes.

This year we were also very honoured to receive the news for the Great Taste Awards. Five of our favourite products received GTA stars: Our 18°C Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ginger, Lime & Basil Olive Oil, 21°C Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with walnuts, purslane, and wild aromatic herbs, our Plain Kalamata Olives and our Kalamata Olives with Ouzo all made us really proud! These awards are shared with all of our producers in Greece, who share our passion for foods made with love and care. Thank you!

Although we postponed all of our workshops and events at our Railway Arch in Bermondsey, we have started organising delicious online experiences and tastings. We hope that within the next few months we will be able to offer you again the wonderful gastronomic experiences, Oliveology holidays, and exciting events that we enjoyed hosting so much.

With this year is coming to an end, we are all eager to make new plans for the year ahead. We have started working on some fascinating new projects, which we will announce soon. Those of you who’ve popped by our shop at Borough Market or Spa Terminus have already gotten a taste of our fava dip, made in our kitchen in Bermondsey. Yes, our future includes many more dips!

As we reflect on the year we leave behind, we realise that we somehow feel stronger. So let us welcome this new year with a smile on our faces. We have managed to survive 2020. 2021 will be nothing but glorious! Or you know, just normal.

We were so proud to receive the news for the Great Taste Awards! Every year we participate in Great Taste, the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards and we are always very excited when the results come in!

A panel of over 500 experts spent time tasting our lovely products and we are very proud to announce that we have five products with star ratings! Below are the awarded products and some of the judges’ comments. We can’t wait to celebrate!

18°C organic extra virgin olive oil *1 star*

This is the first olive oil of the season, made from unripe olives when they are still small and green. An olive oil with intense flavour and a unique grassy taste. Some of the judges’ comments:

Beautiful, richly coloured, green-gold olive oil with its warm, fruity and peppery aromas. Smooth and silky in texture, the oil dissipates on the palate to reveal its flavour profiles. Sweet meadow hay, buttery artichoke and fresh green almond notes are quickly followed by peppery, feisty young fruit flavours, daring and bold. An astringency plays around the edge of the palate leaving a natural vibrancy. This oil is fresh, lively and spirited.

This buttery light oil has a gentleness suitable for light salads.

Young, fun and delicious!


Ginger, Lime & Basil Olive Oil *1 star*

This special oil is made from semi-ripe olives crushed with ginger, lime and basil. It has a vibrant flavour and intense aromas. Some of the judges’ comments:

A deep golden coloured, clear oil with a warm ginger aroma. The flavours of ginger and basil are quite soft and mellow, well balanced with the richness of the oil. The oil has a gentle fruity flavour and is soft and smooth.

The basil was fresh and fragrant, and there was a lovely warmth from ginger followed by a little pepperiness from the oil. The texture was rich and smooth.


21°C organic extra virgin olive oil *1 star*

This special oil is made from semi ripe olives crushed with walnuts, purslane, and wild aromatic herbs giving a fresh taste that is full of flavour. Some of the judges’ comments:

Thick and buttery on the palate, it has a strong, lingering herbal flavour.

A gorgeous rich green olive oil positively glistening with natural goodness and tantalizing the palate with its aromas of sweet and aromatic fennel. Smooth and silky in the mouth…Brisk walnut flavours are followed by woody, resinous heady notes from rosemary…The peppery fruit flavours are present and bring a feisty little kick on the finish.

An interesting and intensely aromatic oil – the flavours are so clearly Greek. The fennel seeds provide a striking sweetness with a little bit of nutty bitterness from the walnuts.


Plain Kalamata olives *1 star*

These are the classic Kalamata olives. They have a great flavour and fleshy texture. Some of the judges’ comments:

A really rich reddish brown and plump, these olives pack a punch. The salt level is excellent and balances well with the bitterness. There’s hints of sweetness towards the end of the olive profile also present in the marinating oil.

Your Kalamata olives have such a wonderful black purple shine, and truly do look inviting… your olives are fruity in texture and flavour and deliver a truly traditional Kalamata taste.

These olives have a beautiful blackish brown colour, a shiny firm looking skin and a fruity aroma. The flesh is meaty but tender in the mouth and there is lots of upfront fruity sweetness and acidity followed by a pleasing touch of bitterness.


Kalamata olives with ouzo *1 star*
Kalamata olives, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, ouzo, lemon peel, star-anise and fennel to produce a unique Greek olive taste. Some of the judges’ comments:

Beautifully shiny Kalamata olives. There is a distinct aniseed/ouzo aroma. The olive flesh is soft and giving, coming off the stone well…the combination is very reminiscent of sitting at a harbour side bar with a bowl of olives and a iced glass of cloudy ouzo. The balance at the finish is long and good.

Wonderfully plump, glossy looking olives with a distinct aroma of ouzo. The olives are soft and juicy.


Have a look at exciting recipes with olive oil, flavoured olive oils, and olives all around our blog.


We are 11 years old! It’s our birthday on the 16th of July. After an amazing decade, the last year has been, for all of us, quite…unusual. We always take some time in July every year, and reflect on what has happened during the last year, and think forwards, towards the future. This is what birthdays are for, after all!

Our Oliveology team has changed a lot, with very old members leaving us to pursue new (food) paths, and many new ones joining. As we wish them all good luck, we are very excited to see what fresh ideas and passion our new team will bring. Speaking of new members of the team, last December, during winter solstice, our founder Marianna gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. Baby Harry is now almost 7 months old and Marianna with her partner Ben are thrilled as he is starting to savour different foods for the very first time. Having spent the last decade sharing food with all of us, nurturing the little one and experiencing the world of food through his eyes is so fascinating and exciting!

But of course, it has also been a very challenging year. Just as spring was around the corner, and we all felt very excited and ready for new culinary -and other- adventures, outdoors and in the sun, we experienced an unprecedented crisis. Covid-19 changed the world as we knew it, in more ways that one can describe. But as with most crisis, it was an opportunity to give and receive love to each other, and we felt very grateful to be able to be with all of you during all of this. Our small team worked tirelessly to send food and supply all of our customers with Oliveology essentials, and for that we are very grateful to all of them, thank you! We also received great love from our customers, and we couldn’t be more honoured to be part of your lives at times of crisis. Thank you for your support!

Our shop at Borough Market is slowly getting busier, and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back.  If you prefer to shop online until then we understand. Feel free to browse our new additions including our wonderful food boxes, that have become an amazing way to send wishes to our loved ones that are far away.

As we all adjust to various versions of the new “normal”, we are eager to make new plans for inspiring new projects. Crisis after all is an opportunity for change. So without revealing too much just yet, let us just tell you that soon we will be sharing with you more Greek food, made with love and care by us, from our kitchen in Bermondsey!

Until then, let us once again thank you all for your love and support!

During this very challenging time for us all, this week we decided to share a few words, from all of us at Oliveology.

During this crisis, it is important to respond with compassion to others and help each other. We must care of ourselves and our bodies, by following the latest World Health Organisation guidelines. And of course, by eating wholesome foods that nourish the body and the soul.

As you may have read in our latest newsletter, in light of the COVID-19 spread we are closely monitoring the situation so as to ensure that we are taking all necessary precautions, so that our customers and the Oliveology team feel protected and cared for. We also work closely with and supporting our colleagues in the artisanal food industry. We are holding regular meetings with our team and colleagues at Borough Market and Spa Terminus, to ensure that we are all up to date on the latest governmental advice and find collective ways to support our customers.

Our shop at Borough Market currently remains open, and we will keep you updated on any developments. If you choose to visit us, we kindly ask you to maintain the necessary distance from others. There are no more sample produce in our display. Disinfectant wipes available for customer use, and of course we maintain the highest levels of hygiene. We also strongly encourage contactless payments – and make sure to clean your card as soon as you return home.

You can also use click & collect options from Borough Market during regular hours, or our Spa Terminus shop in Bermondsey Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm. Our shop at Spa Terminus is open as usual on Saturdays, while other Spa Terminus merchants are open during the week and some on Sundays.

Remember that you can always shop online at oliveology.co.uk. Our online shop offers delivery throughout the UK and Europe. If you would like to contact us about your order email us.

When shopping, please pace yourselves. Some of our ingredients are temporarily out of stock on our website, but worry not, we are expecting more stock of pulses, nuts and olive oil very soon!

Our neighbour Elysia Catering, is also putting together a selection of food essentials to pick-up or to be delivered by their team on their cargo bike from the 23rd of March 2020, including our Kalamata olives and extra virgin olive oil!

All of us at Oliveology are here to supply you with essential foods and ideas to prepare wholesome meals at home for your family. As well as olive oil and olives, we have stocks of pulses, grains, pasta, honey as well as many other staples. In the next few weeks we will be sharing with you simple, comforting recipes that you can make using your cupboard staples.

Most importantly, now that most of us are at home, it’s important to keep in touch, in any way that we can.

Share your instagram stories with us, tweet us, send us your thoughts on facebook.

Or, send an email to Nafsika, who writes this blog every week, say hi, what you are cooking, let her know what ingredients you have in your pantry, and we’ll think of wonderful recipes for you to try!

Do keep in touch and stay safe.

Marianna & the Oliveology team

Happy New Year everyone!

The new year is now beginning. All of us at Oliveology are feeling optimistic, dare I say excited for the new year, and the new decade that is upon us. Before we welcome the new year, with all of our hopes and dreams for the future, we always feel like saying a proper goodbye to the last year, and to the last decade.

2019 was a very memorable year for all of us at Oliveology.

It was our 10-year anniversary and a chance for us to reflect on how far we’ve come, since our first little stall at Borough Market. We felt proud thinking that Oliveology has been welcomed and loved by so many of you. We felt excited about all the wonderful products that we have managed to bring to London for all of you, ingredients ranging from extra virgin olive oils to mature artisanal Greek cheeses and organic pulses, and from wild herbs to raw honey and fragrant truffle products. Foods that for some mean home and for others mark the beginning of a new culinary adventure. And Greek wines, ah, the last decade has been transformative for the Greek wine industry, with some very memorable wines reaching our shop (treat yourself to this, it was life-changing for me).

Last year we also got our first 3-star Great Taste Award. We won’t lie, we got a bit emotional. It’s not every day that one’s efforts are recognised in such a way. Our 17°C organic extra virgin olive oil really made us proud!

Thinking back to 2019, we felt most grateful for the people that surrounded us. For the Oliveology team that grew, with new members joining us at the shop, and older team members running various amazing projects. For the amazing producers that have been supporting us and with whom we share so many things, mostly a passion for what we do. We are happy to enter into the new decade with all of them.

In 2019, our Warehouse at Bermondsey opened up again for all! Our ‘home’ now includes the entire railway arch, with our shop open on Saturdays, a fully-equipped professional kitchen and many, many cooking workshops, wine tastings and dinner experiences. We couldn’t feel more excited about these new endeavours and our collaborations with powerful, female voices: chefs, wine experts, food anthropologists, home cooks, mothers.

We also launched our Oliveology Holidays, two fascinating gastronomic trips for next summer. So join us, as we transfer our culinary experience while sailing around the Ionian Islands, and while vacationing in a small village in rural Crete.

Yes, now is the time to reflect on the last year and the last decade, to embrace any troubles we’ve had and celebrate all the wonderful moments. To pause and remember where we were. To think of where we want to go. So for those of you who, like us, are making plans for 2020, just remember: Follow your passion and craft new dreams. It is a new year after all. And a new decade.

Happy 2020 to all!


Today we are extremely proud and excited to share with you some wonderful news! We are thrilled to announce that this summer of our 10th anniversary, we have received our very first 3-star award in Great Taste 2019! Our favourite 17°C organic extra virgin olive oil has been rated as a 3-star product, the highest accolade in Great Taste 2019. From a record 12,772 entries only 208 products achieved a 3-star award, so as you can imagine this feels like the most beautiful anniversary present!

Our 17°C extra virgin olive oil is a limited production olive oil made from unripe olives, crushed with fresh lemons, oranges and thyme. It is single estate and single variety, made exclusively from Koroneiki olives, in our farm in Sparta, Greece. It is hand-harvested in early December every year, cold extracted and unfiltered.

Awards of the past include the LA International Olive Oil Competition of 2015 and of 2017 (Silver Medals), The Great Taste Awards of 2015 (1-star), and the Olive Japan in 2017 (Silver), gaining the second place in ranking for the Best Flavoured Olive Oils 2017 Worldwide.

We love pairing this olive oil with fresh white fish, roasted colourful vegetables and use it to create wonderful dressings for our summer tomato salads. We will have more recipes on our blog very soon, so watch this space!

And some of the judges’ words:

The epitome of what is possible when a product is made honestly with the highest quality ingredients. Simply superb. The lemon, and orange come through separately, but with symbiosis, to deliver a long silky citrus aftertaste.

The explosion of the individual flavours is really attractive, and yet the oil is piquant but also balanced and smooth, lacking the peppery hit at the end. This oil gives a flavoursome experience…The aromas are clean and a good length on the palate.

This oil has a beautiful golden colour and a smooth, rich buttery texture with clear discernible aromas of lemon and orange rather than any generic citrus. On the palate it’s a delicious, complex oil with the same citrus notes clearly apparent as well as the presence of thyme. There is a pepperiness that is well-balanced and not overpowering, so the other flavours can still be enjoyed. A true flavour journey and a great product that is long on the palate and leaves you wanting more.

And we are even more proud to share that this is not the only awarded produce!

Two of our olives received a two-star award! Our Kalamata Olives with Herbs and our Kalamata Olives with Lemon and Herbs received two stars each.

The judges’ words for the Kalamata Olives with Herbs:

Good shiny appearance and a pleasing aroma of herbs…The vinegar used with its addition of herbs adds fragrance and acidity, offsetting the olives’ richness…Beautiful soft texture with a pleasing meaty natural texture and flavour complemented by notes of herbs. A delight!

And for the Kalamata Olives with Lemon and Herbs:

…appealing to look at, uniform in size and a nice colour. We liked the zesty aroma in the oil. …they have an enjoyable texture and a juiciness and bite. We loved the zesty lemon flavour, the aromatic herbs and notes of honey blossom.  The kalamata olives here are tender, plump, and delicious, and worth an an award in their own right. The olive oil in which they sit, is simply delicious, and delivers a really authentic citrus edge. Overall a quite wonderful flavour combination. 

Have a look at exciting recipes with olives all around our blog.

And last, but definitely not least, our Orange Blossom Honey was also awarded with one star! Read a few of the judges’ own words below and find exciting recipes with honey here.

A beautiful texture, golden colour and a very elegant floral aroma of the orange blossom. The texture was smooth and melted in the mouth nicely. The flavour was rather beautiful, with lovely balance – plenty of the orange blossom flavour comes through, and there is a rich sweetness making for a very rounded and delicious honey.  

We promise to continue to offer you unique foods of exquisite taste, crafted with respect for the land and the people.


Exactly this day today, 10 years ago, Marianna, our owner, started Oliveology. What was initially a dream, to be able to cook with Greek ingredients that feel like home, slowly became part of our lives.

Marianna spent a year travelling around Greece, meeting producers, thinking of everything that would make this dream come true. From designing the lovely labels that make our food stand out, to spending nights over spreadsheets with orders, to cooking and tasting all those ingredients that would slowly arrive in London from all over Greece.

Soon after, Marianna was offered a stall at the prestigious Borough Market. With the help and support of her loved ones, family, friends and collaborators, both in London and in Greece, Oliveology had begun.

Weekdays, weekends and holidays were spent at Borough Market, with vibrant Thalia, Marianna’s friend helping out from day one. Ben, Marianna’s partner in life has always been there, be it in his beekeeping suit with a honey jar in hand, or on the Oliveology cargo bicycle.

From our stall, Oliveology invited all of you to taste the exquisite – and now awarded- olive oil and olives that Sakellaropoulos farm has been sending us every year since. A long-standing collaboration and friendship, based on mutual love and respect for the land and its foods. Olives were also placed in large bowls, for everyone to taste. Honey and nuts were offered. Soon, more produce followed.

Our website became an online home of all these ingredients, and thanks to our supporting team from Greece, it grew more and more. It now has a glossary that educates us all and this blog with delicious vegetarian recipes.

Years passed, and in 2016 the small stall became a shop, the first and only offering Greek produce at Borough Market. We couldn’t be more grateful for their support during all those years and more proud for our produce. We hope they feel proud of us too.

As we were looking at the photos from years past, all of us at Oliveology got a bit emotional. For some of us, this was our first job in the big and sometimes scary city that London is. For some of us, it was the first time we worked around something we were passionate about. For some of us, this was the first time we felt like home at work and made real friends.

And we couldn’t have done all of this without the love and support of all from you. Thank you.

Thank you for coming to our shop at Borough Market, for visiting our Railway arch/warehouse in Bermondsey, for tasting our ingredients and cooking our recipes. Thank you for signing up for our cooking workshops and wine tastings, for coming by just to say hi.

Mostly, thank you for making our dream come true.

Happy 10th Anniversary!!

We are over the moon!
Our new season 22C evoo has just been awarded with a SILVER medal in the BIOL Prize 2019 – International Prize for the best organic extra virgin olive oil in the world. The olive oils were judged on their chemical analysis results and as well as their organoleptic characteristics.

This international organic olive oil competition took place in Bari, Italy in March 2019. We are extremely happy that for another year one of our oils was selected amongst hundreds of olive oil samples from around the world. This was a fantastic achievement for our harvest 2018/19 as we had to face some of the most challenging weather conditions in the lat 50 years.