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Great Taste Awards 2022!

The results for the 2022 Great Taste Awards are out and we are very excited and proud to announce that *six* of our products are award-winners!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Kalamata Olives with Oranges & Herbs

⭐ ⭐ Kalamata Olives with Herbs

⭐ Unripe Green Olives, Kalamata Olives with Lemon & Herbs, Greek Wild Thyme Honey, Greek Pine Honey

14,205 products were judged this year. Only 242 were awarded 3 star Great Taste awards. This means that only 1.7% of entrants succeeded in achieving 3 Star awards, putting our Kalamata Olives with Orange, amongst the elite.

We obviously share these awards with our producers who put so much care into making our single estate olives and our raw honeys. And of course with our team who share their passion for high quality produce. And thank you to all of you who continue to support and inspire us!

Here are the awarded products, along with judges’ comments. Check out all of our recipes with olives and raw honey!

3-stars! Kalamata Olives with Oranges & Herbs

⭐The olives have a really farmy aroma and quality to the flavour that provides a satisfying umami burst of flavour.

⭐The olives were beautifully salty and funky, and very punchy and tender. We thought the addition of orange was clever and worked brilliantly, offsetting the saltiness.

⭐The marinade perfectly frames their tart yet fragrant character, with just the right combination of a good oil, a hint of orange and a handful of herbs.

⭐The oil it was in was also quite delicious.

2-stars! Kalamata Olives with Herbs

⭐A bite into one of these marinated olives gives a mouthful of flavour, with a fullness but no bitterness. The addition of oil and herbs gives a Greek character which is distinctive.

⭐Dark and glossy olives. In the mouth they are fleshy, juicy and thin skinned. A delicate olive flavour comes through the herb marinade making for a subtle and very pleasant flavour combination.

⭐The herbs are unusual and evoke mountain imagery.

⭐Smoky, leathery, tobacco/chocolate notes. Juicy and intense, with a few citrus notes too. Very complex taste. Very well made and well looked-after.

1-star! Unripe Green Olives

⭐These tiny ovals pack a lovely citrus punch with a savoury note. The skin breaks easily in the mouth and the flesh is firm. The marinade is nice balance of acidity and oiliness.

⭐We found these very ‘moreish’.

1-star! Kalamata Olives with Lemon & Herbs

⭐These Kalamata olives had a sharp lemon-peel aroma and we liked the freshness of lemon flavour and acidity along with that from the olive, which hummed along with the dusty heat of herbs that we’d associate with Greece.

⭐Powerful herbal, almost medicinal scent from these attractively plump, shiny olives. The fruit has a lovely juicy texture.

1-star! Greek Wild Thyme Honey

⭐A golden runny nectar that delivers floral notes both on the nose and also on the palate. Savoury elements add lots of interest and a lasting finish.

⭐The herbaceous and slightly woody note of thyme does come through and the sweetness level is just right. And we were reminded of the craggy rocky cliffs of a Greek island with wild thyme bushes dotting the terrain.

1-star! Greek Pine Honey
⭐There is a lovely amber hue to this clear, runny honey, with a mild piney aroma.

⭐An intriguing honey which offered some complexities which we found both interesting and enjoyable. There were some savoury notes and a hint of resin and wood and the flavour was longer lasting than many.


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