The Grapes of Santorini Tasting Box



A scintillating and eclectic selection of wines exclusively from the Greek island of Santorini and one of its oldest wineries, the Gavalas family winery. This comprehensive box includes celebrated local grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Voudomato or Mavrotragano, as well as the well-known Vinsanto made from Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani grapes. Discover the unique Santorini terroir with this very special box and impress your guests with its dazzling diversity.

The box includes a selection of 6 bottles of Santorini wine, depending on availability.

Suggested wines:

White Wines:

Gavalas Santorini Blue Assyrtiko, Grape Variety: Assyrtiko 100%

Gavalas Santorini Natural Ferment, Grape Variety: Assyrtiko 100%

Gavalas Katsano, Grape Variety: 85% Katsano and 15% Gaidouria

Rose Wines:

Gavalas Voudomato, Grape Variety: 100% Voudoumato

Red Wines:

Gavalas Santorini Mavrotragano, Grape Variety: Mavrotragano 100%

Sweet Wines:

Gavalas Vinsanto 2008 PDO Santorini, Grape Variety: Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani


Gavalas Winery: Gavalas family winery is one of the oldest wineries in Santorini. In the traditional village of Megalochori, the fourth generation of winemakers aims at highlighting the unique characteristics of Santorini’s terroir. The family-owned winery celebrates local varieties and only produces limited quantities of wine every year. Gavalas winery vinifies the most vibrant variety in Greece, Assyrtiko, as well as Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano. It is the only winery in Santorini that vinifies the indigenous rare varieties of Katsano and Voudomato.


  • The picture presents a selection of products that might change depending on the season, please see the description for what’s included in the box. Some of the items included in this box might be replaced with items of equal value, depending on availability. 


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