Vegan Hamper



This Vegan Hamper is the perfect gift for yourself or your vegan friends. It includes all the ingredients you need to create delicious vegan meals and snacks! It includes chickpeas, olives and capers for you to create unique and flavourful dishes! Pair tahini and grape molasses for a wonderful combination for your breakfasts, and enjoy halva as a nutritious snack! All wrapped up in a beautiful hamper. We can’t think of a more luscious gift for Veganuary-or any other month for that matter!


The hamper includes:

Whole tahini (unhulled) 280g, Cretan salt cured olives 200g, Organic cretan capers 140ggrape molasses 250g, organic chickpeas 400gOrganic halva with sultanas 75g, Wooden tray, Wood wool