5 Olives a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

We are so proud of our olives! Thank you to our wonderful producer Sakellaropoulos Estate for the incredible ‘superfood’ olives they supply to us every single year and The Huffington Post for the wonderful article and showcase of the study and research on olives.

“After testing 30 types of Greek organic olives, for this study they selected the Kalamata type olives produced by the Sakellaropoulos Family Estate because they were found to contain 5 times higher concentration of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol than the other commercially available varieties. The organic olives selected for this study contained 1300mg per kg of hydroxytyrosol and 560mg per kg of tyrosol. Daily consumption of only 5 of these olives provides 25mg of hydroxytyrosol and 10 mg of tyrosol. This is significant because, just like EVOO, not all olives are created the same. The key to health benefits of olives and EVOO is the type and amount of phenolic compounds they contain.

Why is the study of one Greek producer’s olives good news for you? It’s this: Many producers are following this and other research and adjusting production methods to optimise the healthy compounds in their products. It shows the emerging trend for conscientious food producers to choose quality over quantity and to serve the growing demand of health conscious and informed individuals who want to know where they can find these functional foods. ”

Read the full article  on huffingtonpost by Marilyn Harding

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