Beeswax balm

Beeswax balm is definitely one of my favourite Oliveology products. It is an ancient remedy, made with only 5 ingredients and has just the perfect size to fit in your bag. I have been sceptical about all these (commercial) “natural” moisturisers for a while. So I felt I could trust this product as it is actually made on our farm using our organic evoo, St John’s wort, honey, beeswax and vitamin E1.

The main active ingredient is handpicked St. John’s wort flowers infused in organic extra virgin olive oil. This is what makes our balm extra special. Traditionally, St. John’s wort oil was used to treat and speed the healing of bruises, burns, sores and wounds.

It is a remarkable healing product that accelerates wound healing due to the powerful anti-inflammatory nature of St. John’s wort flowers. When used externally it also has potent antimicrobial properties. You are most likely to be attracted to its smell, initially; as it is made with wild flower honey. But it also consists of another bee product, beeswax, which has a number of uses in skin products and cosmetics (lip balms, hand lotions, hand creams, moisturisers). Our balm forms a water resistant barrier, to protect you from the harsh winter weather, and seal moisture in the skin. The addition of vitamin E contributes to skin soothing, protecting you against free radical damage.

Beeswax balm can be effective treating: sprains, bruises, minor burns, eczema, dry skin.  Recommended for external use only, anyone with dry or super sensitive skin can enjoy it. Can be applied on elbows and knees, feet, nails, cuticles for deep moisture and when put as an (occasional) face mask it restores elasticity, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I even work it to the ends of my hair to prevent split ends and reduce frizziness.

Composed without nasty chemicals, fragrance, parabens, silicons, animal testing, alcohol,petrolatum/ paraffin wax, retinol, wheat/ nuts, etc it is an excellent “green” product made in limited quantities. You should pay special attention to one factor though; olive oil can increase photosensitivity in the skin so make sure you are not exposed to direct sunlight before it is fully absorbed.

Rich in powerful flavonoids, it provides anti-acne, skin rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory benefits. Its highlights include exceptional moisture, easy absorption and affordable price make it an ideal stocking filler! Pop by our stall in Borough Market and give perfect winter skin remedy a try or order it here !
Lida Papamatthaiaki

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