Grape molasses – ‘Petimezi’



Pure organic grape molasses, known as Petimezi in Greece is a 100% natural sweetener, contains no additives or added sugar and is produced from Agiorgitiko grapes. The aroma of light honey and fresh grapes is unbeatable. Grape must is concentrated in a condenser vacuum to preserve the special characteristics of the Agioritiko variety. This is then further reduced to achieve the distinctive caramel tones.
Try this magic, thick syrup everywhere, in your pastry, baking, pancakes, porridge, cereals, your hot drink instead of sugar, on your salad, to caramelise meat or poultry or just over your ice cream!

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Product Description

  • Variety: Agiorgitiko
  • Origin: Nemea, Peloponnese
  • 100% concentrated grape must (molasses)
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No added caramel or colourings
  • No added sugar
  • Awards: Great Taste Awards 2014 (1-star)