18°C Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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18°C Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


18°C Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This exceptional oil is the first olive oil of the season, made from unripe olives when they are still small and green. A truly superior olive oil with a smooth, silky texture and warm, fruity and peppery aromas. This olive oil is excellent as a dipping oil, or drizzled over salads, vegetables or fish.

Why prices have gone up? Read below on further info.

Area of Production

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    Why have prices gone up? Read more about climate change & how it’s affecting olive oil prices, heritage crops and our producers’ survival.

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Region / Origin / PDO Single estate: Sparta, Peloponnese
Variety / Cultivar Single Variety: Koroneiki
Year / Harvest By hand, 2023-24
Best Before 750ml
Characteristics Unfiltered; limited production



Yiorgos & Nikos

Yiorgos and his son Nikos supply our olive oil, flavoured olive oils, and olives.

Their organic farm, a family business, started as an olive grove outside of Sparta owned by Yiorgos’ father. It was one of the first certified organic farms in Greece, reflecting Yiorgos’ desire to treat the natural environment – and by extension the people around them – with respect. This is also reflected in the complex taste of their olives, derived from the biodiversity of the soil, with herbs like oregano, rosemary or sage growing naturally around their land.

Yiorgos and Nikos talk passionately about their collaborations with various universities and centres of research. It’s work that focuses on the many health benefits of olive oil and on the importance of offering an olive oil of the highest quality.

They take inspiration from traditional flavours and local ingredients of the Peloponnese to create their flavoured olives and olive oils. “Taste has a memory” says Nikos, referring to their olives marinated with oranges and herbs, and talks about the orange and olive trees that are characteristic of the region, flavours which form part of his own childhood memories.