Cretan Dakos Salad Bundle


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This bundle contains all the ingredients you need to make your own dakos salad, one of the most iconic Greek dishes. Barley rusks are drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and covered in our vibrant tomato passata. Sprinkle some fragrant oregano. Add plenty of capers and kalamata olives for that salty twist and piquant punch. A wonderful selection of ingredients that takes you straight to Greece.

Have a look at our dakos salad recipe and more other ideas using dakos rusks.

Bundle contains: 27oC Organic Extra virgin olive oil 750ml, Cretan dakos barley rusks 600g, Organic Tomato Passata 680ml, Organic Cretan capers 140g, Organic Kalamata olives 250g, Organic & wild oregano flowers 40g

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