Corinth Raisins

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Corinth Raisins

From: £3.50

Corinth Raisins

From: £3.50

The Corinth raisin (Vitis vinifera), or Greek current in the UK, is produced from a small and unique variety of grape that holds PDO status in the Corinthian region of the Peloponnese. They are small in size, but punch above their weight in terms of sweetness and flavour. They are a great source of energy, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. Eat raw, use in cakes, puddings, cookies, bread, or salads. They’re great for a morning energy boost – add them to breakfast cereal, yogurt, porridge, or as a healthy snack between meals. Read more on our blog about Corinth Raisins

Dietary & Lifestyle

Gluten Free Vegan

Area of Production

  • Ingredients

    Corinth Raisins, 1% sunflower oil (protective layer)

  • Product Further Info

    Although they are known by some as Greek currants, they have no relation to black, red or white currants (genus Ribes).


Region / Origin / PDO Region: Kalamata, Peloponnese


Yiannis & Olga

Yiannis, together with his wife Olga who manages the business, produces our pulses, pasta, and many of our nuts and nut butters. He is also part of the cooperative that supplies our tomato products and dried fruit.

Based in Northern Greece, he comes from a family of grain farmers but he spent much of his career working abroad and travelling the world. He decided to return to his hometown and to nature back in 2004 because of “love for the land and a bit of craze,” as he said. In his head, he carries images of the plots of land he encountered on his travels and the knowledge of traditional ways of farming; these helped shape him and his approach as he went on to start his new life as a farmer.

Yiannis talks passionately about his search for the best quality wheat, about the local microclimate that gives food a unique taste, his sustainable methods of farming, and about the cooperative he is now part of. It was a team effort born out of the desire to share Greek food with the world. We are especially grateful for that! The cooperative also takes initiative in helping its farmers when in need, but also the local communities.

It’s a huge challenge coordinating the 120 producers from all over Greece, but Giannis says he feels most relaxed when pruning in Grevena. “I make a cup of tea, turn off my phone, shape the trees and I am at peace”.