Gavalas Xenoloo



Xenoloo is a traditional red wine from the esteemed Gavalas winery in Santorini. The word ‘Xenoloo’ means foreigner and was used to describe all wine varieties except Assyrtiko. It is a light-coloured, vibrant red. A blend of Mavrotragano, Voudomato and Athiri that contains a small amount of white grapes, and it’s aged for 12-month in oak barrels. Its tasting notes include aromas of cherries and berries followed by herbal and spicy characteristics. It has a pleasant body with medium acidity and soft tannins. It pairs perfectly with any tomato-based dish.

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Product Description

Region: PGI Cyclades
Year: 2019
ABV: 13%
Colour: Red
Grape Variety: 45% Mavrotragano, 50% Voudomato & 5% Athiri

Gavalas Winery: Gavalas family winery is one of the oldest wineries in Santorini. In the traditional village of Megalochori, the fourth generation of winemakers aims at highlighting the unique characteristics of Santorini’s terroir. The family-owned winery celebrates local varieties and only produces limited quantities of wine every year. Gavalas winery vinifies the most vibrant variety in Greece, Assyrtiko, as well as Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano. It is the only winery in Santorini that vinifies the indigenous rare varieties of Katsano and Voudomato.