Nikolou Botanic Sparkling Brut



A Brut sparkling white wine, aged for 6 months in the bottle. A pale lemon colour with fine bubbles. Aromas of pine and mastiha. On the nose, aromas of lemon, lemon peel and pine drops. On the palate, a super pleasant mouthfeel, filled with flavours of white blossom, candied lemon peel and pine drops. Long finish of fresh bread crust and summer herbs with a hint of sweetness. A full-bodied taste of botanical aromas and a long aftertaste.


Perfect with all kinds of seafood and fish dishes, feta cheese and green olives. A wine that invites for creative and adventurous food pairings.



Pairs perfectly with fish and seafood.

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Product Description

Region: Attica
Year: 2017
ABV: 12.5%
Colour: Sparkling white wine
Grape Variety: 100% Savatiano