Kalamata olives with herbs



These olives are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and wild aromatic herbs from our organic farm that perfectly compliment the olive.


Product Description

Nutritional Info

 Per 100 gPer portion (15 g)
Energy1014 kJ / 245 kcal152Kj/37Kcal (2% RI**)
Fat20.6 g3.1 g (4% RI)
-saturates3.1 g0.5 g (2% RI)
Carbohydrates11.4 g1.7 g (0.6% RI)
-sugars0.2 g0g (0% RI)
Fiber3.4 g0.5g
Protein1.5 g0.2g (0.4% RI)
Salt3.23 g0.48g (8% RI)