Pistachios – roasted & unsalted



Our pistachios are hand roasted in small batches so they reach you in perfect condition. They are completely unsalted with an exquisite taste and texture. Greek pistachios have P.D.O status and are renowned for their wonderful flavour, their beautiful pink exteriors and vibrant green kernels.


Product Description

BBD: July 2021

The island of Aegina is legendary amongst Greeks for producing the best pistachios this nation has to offer. A combination of optimal soil conditions combined with the perfect maritime climate made for a pistachio growing zone par excellence.

These pistachios are slightly smaller than their Middle Eastern cousins, but are far sweeter and more intense in flavour. Our pistachios are fresh, miles apart from the stale, soggy, bland pistachios that you may be used from large retailers.

*Pistachios may contain traces of peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat & other nuts with or without shell.