White Truffle Oil

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White Truffle Oil

From: £10.00

White Truffle Oil

From: £10.00

This extra virgin olive oil is delicately infused with 6% genuine white truffle (Tuber magnatum), the maximum infusion possible. It adds a wonderful earthy musk to any dish, ideal for use in risottos, stocks and soups, or drizzled over meat. It makes a particularly good accompaniment to wild mushrooms.



  • Ingredients

    Extra virgin olive oil, precious white truffle (Tuber magnatum), aroma

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    White truffle (Tuber magnatum) is probably the most prized variety of truffle on account of its potentially large size and pronounced flavour. They tend to grow symbiotically with oak, hazel, poplar and beech, and fruit in the autumn reaching a normal maximum of 12cm and 500g. Although it is possible for them to reach weights in excess of 1kg in exceptional conditions. Our white truffle oil is produced in association with Pavlina Kladopoulou. Pavlina forages for truffles with her own dogs (which she trains herself) in the regions of Kastoria, Pieria and Ionnina in Northern Greece.

    Many brands of truffle oil contain artificial truffle flavour; our truffle oil is made from real white truffles.


Region / Origin / PDO Kastoria, Pieria and Ionnina in Northern Greece



Pavlina supplies all of our truffle products.

She spends much of her time hunting for white truffles in various forests around Greece. These truffles cannot be cultivated, she explains, and this is why she undertakes these journeys. She always hunts alone, accompanied only by her dogs. It is a challenging endeavour, she admits, as there is always the uncertainty of not finding any truffles, and when you do, there is a lot of digging involved which can be quite a strenuous effort. Truffles have existed in Greece since ancient times, she tells us, but unlike Italy with its long-standing truffle hunting traditions, it is only recently that the practice has become popular.

Pavlina’s truffle oil and other products were created by her desire to preserve this rare fungus so that truffle lovers are able to enjoy it throughout the year. Shelaughs when she admits that she doesn’t like the taste of truffle very much – it’s “the suspense of the hunt”, that she loves, “that’s what’s most special”.