Aoton Retsina



This refreshing retsina comes from organic vineyards in Peania at the outskirts of Attica. The grapes are hand-picked at night, during the 3rd week of September. At the end of the night harvest and before sunrise, the grapes are carried to the winery in small lattices, maintaining their freshness in the low temperatures of the night. The addition of Aleppo Pine Resin to the grape must during fermentation, which is traditionally collected by hand from the forest of Kouvaras at Eastern Attica, offers this retsina a very unique taste.

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Product Description

Region: Peania, Attica, PGI Retsina of Mesogia
Year: 2019
ABV: 13.5%
Colour: White
Grape Variety: Savatiano 75%, Roditis 25%