Lady Frosyne Glivanos



A semi-sparkling, semi-sweet rose wine with complex aromas, a velvety body, intense flavour of ripe grapes and a memorable taste. It is produced from the indigenous varieties, Debina and Bekari. On the nose, pleasant & expressive with aromas of roses, strawberries, cherries with a discreet botanical notes and dried green orange peel. On the palate, bursting with refreshing flavours of red fruits, forest and stone fruits, ripe melon with hints summer herbs. A fragrant, fruity with tantalising effervescence. Particularly complex, but well balanced with a long aftertaste.

Perfect with a variety of starters, light salads with ham and cranberries or pomegranate seeds, goat’s cheese, chicken and turkey sandwiches, as well as berry trifles and syllabub, amongst a range of milk-based curd desserts.

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Product Description

Region: PGI Ioannina
Year: 2017
ABV: 11.5%
Colour: semi-sparkling wine with a strawberry-red colour
Grape Variety: Debina and Bekari