It’s our 11th Birthday!

We are 11 years old! It’s our birthday on the 16th of July. After an amazing decade, the last year has been, for all of us, quite…unusual. We always take some time in July every year, and reflect on what has happened during the last year, and think forwards, towards the future. This is what birthdays are for, after all!

Our Oliveology team has changed a lot, with very old members leaving us to pursue new (food) paths, and many new ones joining. As we wish them all good luck, we are very excited to see what fresh ideas and passion our new team will bring. Speaking of new members of the team, last December, during winter solstice, our founder Marianna gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. Baby Harry is now almost 7 months old and Marianna with her partner Ben are thrilled as he is starting to savour different foods for the very first time. Having spent the last decade sharing food with all of us, nurturing the little one and experiencing the world of food through his eyes is so fascinating and exciting!

But of course, it has also been a very challenging year. Just as spring was around the corner, and we all felt very excited and ready for new culinary -and other- adventures, outdoors and in the sun, we experienced an unprecedented crisis. Covid-19 changed the world as we knew it, in more ways that one can describe. But as with most crisis, it was an opportunity to give and receive love to each other, and we felt very grateful to be able to be with all of you during all of this. Our small team worked tirelessly to send food and supply all of our customers with Oliveology essentials, and for that we are very grateful to all of them, thank you! We also received great love from our customers, and we couldn’t be more honoured to be part of your lives at times of crisis. Thank you for your support!

Our shop at Borough Market is slowly getting busier, and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back.  If you prefer to shop online until then we understand. Feel free to browse our new additions including our wonderful food boxes, that have become an amazing way to send wishes to our loved ones that are far away.

As we all adjust to various versions of the new “normal”, we are eager to make new plans for inspiring new projects. Crisis after all is an opportunity for change. So without revealing too much just yet, let us just tell you that soon we will be sharing with you more Greek food, made with love and care by us, from our kitchen in Bermondsey!

Until then, let us once again thank you all for your love and support!

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