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Great Taste Awards 2021!

Every year, after the end of summer, we excitedly wait for the Great Taste Awards. This year’s Great Taste Awards have been quite extraordinary and we are incredibly happy to share with you our awarded products! We were very touched by the judges’ kind and generous words of love, and we would like to extend our gratitude to all those who spent time tasting our food and offering thoughtful comments. Mostly, we would like to thank our producers, whose passion, love and care has created these wonderful Greek products. Of course, we wouldn’t be here without your love and support, especially during those challenging times of the last year. So as we share all these sparkly stars with our producers, all of our customers and our hard-working team, let us wish for a peaceful year ahead, with bright stars leading our way.

Without further ado, here are the awarded products and some of the judges’ comments!

3-Stars! Vanilla Fir Greek Honey

What a wonderful flavour, instantly transporting us to the hillsides of Greece!

This honey has an intriguing translucent appearance. The texture is thick and smooth, almost fudgy. The flavour of rich honey is complemented by lovely caramel and orange notes. At the end there are notes of orange and pine. A delicious honey.

The honey is exceptionally well balanced …this is a honey of the highest quality.

A good golden appearance and clarity, deep viscosity and an intense sweetness, despite the stated low concentration of sugars.

Rich velvety textured honey with a smooth flavour delivery.

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2-Stars! Olive oil with apple, cinnamon, honey & sage

Fantastic aroma, full of character with hits of apple, walnuts and cinnamon on the nose. The complexity in the taste is good, with plenty of layers from the ingredients. Really enjoyable, full of flavour.

What a wonderful combination of flavours. The flavours are well balanced. We can think of many uses for this.

A beautifully complex oil, smooth and creamy and the palate goes through many phases discovering each of the different levels of flavour. An exciting product.

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1-star! Unsalted Kalamata Olives

What an interesting proposition – we’ve not experienced unsalted olives before. ..we enjoyed the gentle nuances – at last we see how olives qualify as a fruit. A great bonus is that we could consume a lot of these with our glass of wine without reaching for water. And we can imagine fresh perspectives on a range of dishes these might complement in their gentle softness.

These olives have a mild, unchallenging flavour owing to having no salt. The flavour is natural and the fruity, meaty and oily notes from the olive come through nicely.

The description of the olive is appealing. The eat is dry and hard however and there is a strong bitterness without any fruitiness.

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1-Star! Greek Pistachios

Attractive, pink lipped shells with lovely nuts inside. Crisp, rich green kernels, generously salted, crunch enjoyably in the mouth to provide just the kind of snack experience that can really satisfy. Very nice.

Salty and moreish. Delicious pistachios with a slightly charred shell and a soft pink red hue. Green inside and a great snack.

A well rounded, lightly salted pistachio. Very enjoyable.

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