Organic extra virgin olive oils

The Koroneiki olive, the ‘royal’ type, is highly praised for its exquisite taste and texture. Our harvest begins in early December when the fruit is still green and unripe. This is because these olives have been proved to have the highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, essential to boost the immune system and to maintain a balanced healthy diet. 

An early harvest produces unripe olives. These are pressed into ‘agourelaio’ (early harvest oil) that is young and vibrant, with a strong flavour and very low acidity. This is mainly used in salads or eaten raw. A harvest from the same trees at a later stage will give an olive oil ‘elaiolado’ (mid harvest oil) that is smoother and more mellow, with a milder flavour. These oils may be used in salads but are more generally suited to cooking and baking.

The olives are cold extracted at exceptionally low temperatures within a few hours of being picked. Lower extraction temperatures result in a smaller yield but a higher quality because the oil remains exceptionally rich in nutrients and has superior organoleptic properties.